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We created Oceansound in 2017 because we wanted an event that was all about yoga. We want Oceansound to be fun and inspiring but also diverse and inclusive of the English speaking yoga community in Taiwan. We want Oceansound to be accessible, and an opportunity for sharing and discovering all that yoga is and can be.


We invite a diverse group of Taiwan's English speaking yoga teachers to share their perspective and passion for yoga. Oceansound is a place to discover and share the heart of yoga.


Longmen campground in Fulong is one of Taiwan's most beautiful camping areas. Longmen features camping, cabins, clean bathrooms, hot showers, equipment rentals, and amazing views of the ocean.


Oceansound is a 10 minute walk to one of Taiwan's most amazing sandy beaches—you really can hear the sound of the ocean!


Oceansound brings together the broader community in Taiwan to share our passion for yoga, meet new people, and discover inspiring experiences that have the power to change our lives!


Oceansound's Wellness Sanctuary will once again offer healing activities such as Reiki, Massage, Energy readings, Tarot card readings and more.

Teachers & Classes

We want to welcome back many of the teachers that help us make Oceansound amazing every year. We're also welcoming wonderful new people too! For teachers, our intention is to create a space that allows them to share their personal passion for yoga. For guests, our intention is to create space where you can experience the variety and diversity in yoga—connecting with teachers who inspire you personally.



Ocean of Sound: An Embodied Practice

Karina loves the yogic way of life and her dream is to empower people through yoga. She will share the ancient tools taught by Lady Niguma, a female yogi who lived 1000 years ago in India. Lady Niguma believes that yoga’s purpose is to change the inner body of channels and chakras.




Laughter Yoga: The Art of Healing Stress

Lydia is the founder and principal teacher at Origin Yoga & Wellness, Taipei’s first yoga retreat center located by the beautiful beaches of Baishawan. Yoga & meditation have always been a source of joy and inspiration for Lydia—learning from her father at the age of 10.




Strong Vinyasa Fundamentals

Patti's growth in the practice of yoga has been divided between ashrams in India, Hong Kong and Thailand. It has included individual practice, and opportunities to study with different teachers in a number of styles. Anatomy and alignment oriented practices have been the main focus of her practices.




Go In with Yin: Deeper Inner Connection

Malabika is a trauma informed and community based integrative wellness specialist. Her offerings include social work consulting, yin yang yoga therapeutic courses, Reiki, Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork and somatic trauma recovery work. She is a lover of all things cosmic and universal!




Gratitude Yoga: Awakening your Heart

Izabella is a passionate yoga teacher and student. She found yoga many years ago when looking for ways to complement her dancing routines, as well as deepen her spiritual practices. Since then, yoga has helped her grow stronger and more balanced both on and off the mat.




Align & Flow: Move Your Body with Grace

Amber is a yoga teacher and hand balance practitioner. Over the past 12 years, Amber explored and taught yoga in New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Uniting authentic yoga techniques, yoga therapy and modern science knowledge, Amber focuses on guiding her students to live their yoga practice off the mat.




Consciousness in Motion: The Real Vinyasa

Sam is a yoga teacher from Malaysia and has been practicing yoga as a way of life for over 9 years. She found her true passion in her practice of yoga and loves helping others live a healthier and higher vibration in life, and unfold their fullest potential through the practice of yoga.




Meditative Mandala: Drawing the Center

Two of Coco's worlds have come together in unexpected ways: her art and yoga practice. Her art is inspired by a reverence for nature and admiration of the unique emotions that make us human. The focal points of her work features the exploration of joy, grief, uncertainty, and gratification.




Return Home Flow: Reconnect your Mind, Body and Heart

Celia fell in love with yoga 6 years ago while traveling in Thailand and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since then. Yoga has taught her physical and mental growth and taught her how to connect to our inner compass to navigate life's challenges with a sense of gratitude and ease.




The Heart of Yoga: Embrace Reality

Chris developed his personal practice with the help of teachers who influenced his understanding of the purpose and technology of yoga. His practice includes asana, ceremonial music, and traditional principles of yoga. These principles are what he shares with others so they too can discover the yoga that's right for them.




Arm Balancing: The Art of Strength

Throughout 8 years of teaching Yoga, Jun has always shaped her classes with creative and challenging sequences—wrapping the class up with a note of philosophy. She is more interested in self-discovery than being told what to do. And this reflects in her practice, hence her teaching.




Vinyasa Flow: Ancient Movements

Ted has has been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years and teaching for 8. A committed Ashtanga practitioner, Ted loves how yoga makes him feel good and hopes that sharing yoga with others, they too can experience the joy of movement in a welcoming and inclusive environment.




Restorative Yoga: Tune In to You

Irina draws her inspiration from Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. She teaches in ACRO SPACE studio, Mingquan West Road. Her classes are suited for all level practitioners. Each class is designed to offer physical practice, short meditation and a breath work for whole body breath.




Free the Spine: Backbending Basics

Carolyn is excited to share how yoga can be more than just a way to move your body but rather a way to move your life and whole being! Carolyn's mat is a place for her to take refuge. Her practice has allowed her to turn inward, and find herself in the midst of this fast paced life.




Hamsālaya Yoga: Serve the World

Rajakumar Sathappan, the founder of Hamsālaya, hails from India. A firm believer of yogic way of life; practicing classical Hatha for more than 20 years. Raj has a unique way of blending dhyana, asana, pranayama, Yoga nidra and spirituality into his sharing—emphasizing holistic wellness.




Yin & Yang: Find Your Balance

This is Jen's 3rd year as an instructor at OS. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and just this year, became a certified personal trainer as well. She loves being on the mat and sharing yoga—it’s a way to know what feels right, and recognize when something doesn’t. And ultimately, learning to live a genuine life.




Yoga Dance Flow: Feel and Release

Sarah is a Taipei-based outdoor yoga instructor. She loves to explore the boundary between slowly feeling into poses and working the body in fun, challenging ways. She has taught yoga on beaches, athletic fields, parks, and music festivals—outdoors adds fun to the yoga experience!




Intro to Acroyoga: Connect & Play

Eric is a warm human being who is passionate about Acroyoga. He has been running regular acroyoga jams in Da-an park for over 4 years. Through his Acroyoga practice and play, he has trained his body and mind, and created amazing connections with other human beings!




Eye Gazing: Connect Deeply with Others

Neo has always been fascinated by consciousness and how the universal forces flow and interact with the physical and so has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and certified in varies modalities of mastering consciousness as part of the fun exploration of living to our highest possibilities in style.




Traveling Through Spiritual Sound

Simone is a spiritual mentor and healer who uses her intuitive gifts and clairvoyant abilities to guide others on their awakening and ascension journeys. She is known for helping others activate and master their own unique spiritual gifts and abilities, and anchor these into practical application.


Location & Camping

Oceansound is held at Longmen Campground in Fulong. There are a variety of options that include Cabins and tent camping. Longmen features clean bathrooms with hot showers, electricity, and camping rentals such as tents, sleeping bags, mats, blankets and more. Please sign up and we will email you with these options.

Camping is not included. After signing up for Oceansound you will be emailed with available options and prices for booking. Guests are welcome to book directly with the campground as well. The prices are the same.

NOTE: Even if you decide not to camp, the campground charges an entry fee (100nt), and parking fees. These are paid directly to the campground and are not associated with or covered by Oceansound.

Getting here

Oceansound's main practice tents will be located on the river side area near longmen suspension bridge and the Dragon Canoe Base area. Our area has bathrooms and drinking water.


  • A yoga mat or two
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A water bottle
  • reusable utensils, mugs and bowls
  • A flashlight / headlamp
  • Warm clothes
  • Raincoats
  • Bug spray
  • Toiletries
  • Incense
  • Camping comfort items
  • Camping chairs
  • Tapestries & ground mats
  • A bathing suit

No bring:

  • Alchohol
  • Meats
  • Fire

Food & Beverage

Every year we have some of our talented friends join and provide food options for guests. We provide coffee, tea, cookies and other snacks at fair prices. Here are a few of the options we will have again this year:

Falafel King

By Saar

Falafel pita sandwiches with Handmade pita bread, fresh vegetables, falafel balls fried on-the-spot and authentic sesame sauce (tahini). (Vegan, contains gluten)

Dino Taco

By Joel

1. Granola Fruit bowls with Soy Milk or Yogurt 2. Bagels with Vegetables Egg and Cheese*
Lunch & Dinner
Tacos with Veggie Burger or Black Bean Mushroom Walnut and Pineapple Salsa


The 3-day schedule for Oceansound 2021 will be available on November 1st.

Oceansound Yoga Festival

Longmen Campground Fulong • November 19,20,21
Join us.