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Oceansound 2022 Update

Due to extraordinary and emergency circumstances,
we have cancelled Oceansound's November 18th - 20th 2022 event.

We truly appreciate the OS community for your patience, love, and support during this difficult time.

If you have signed up or paid; please check your email inbox for more information on how to proceed. If you have any additional questions and concerns, please do reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay tuned and hopeful for the next event! 

Welcome to

Oceansound is a community event where Everyone and Anyone is welcome to experience the heart of yoga, in all its beautiful incarnations.


We invite a diverse group of Taiwan's yoga teachers to share their perspective and passion for yoga. Oceansound is a place to discover and share the heart of yoga. Join now.


Longmen campground in Fulong is one of Taiwan's most beautiful camping areas— featuring camping, cabins, clean bathrooms, hot showers, equipment rentals, and amazing views of the ocean. Book your stay.


Oceansound is a 10 minute walk to one of Taiwan's most amazing sandy beaches—you really can hear the sound of the ocean!


Oceansound brings together the broader community in Taiwan to share our passion for yoga, meet new people, and discover inspiring experiences.


Oceansound's Wellness Sanctuary will once again offer healing activities such as Reiki, Massage, Energy readings, Tarot card readings and more.

Teachers & Classes

Teacher lineup
& Class schedule

We want to welcome back many of the teachers that help us make Oceansound amazing every year. We're also welcoming exciting new teachers as well! Our intention is to create a space that allows our community to share their passion for yoga—so you can discover a yoga that aligns with your own truth.

Below is the current class schedule.
Classes and times are subject to change however as we make small adjustments.

Yoanna Pan | DJ Nini and TY

Journey to your true power: Breath work with music

Fun breathwork with music session for unlocking new dimensions of life. The effect of this is an elevation of your vibrational and emotional energy. Through a higher vibration and emotional quality, negative emotions can be released and cleansed from the body, and the ability to attract and manifest your intentions is increased.

From humble origins in Taiwan, Yoanna began to practicing meditation at age 10 with her mom. She had a burning desire to see the world beyond the skyline of the city, traveling from east to west. Yoanna picked up tools and techniques from many gurus and guides. Her personal practice caught fire over the course of several extended meditation retreats in her early age. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga and a holistic lifestyle have become the cornerstones of her life, sharing her experiences with a smile and an open heart to those who seek a better way of life.



Wild Yoga: Connect with nature

Berta is a 500RYS Yoga Teacher certified by Santosha school in Bali. Berta is a Social care Educator, Theatre moderator, and a passionate dancer. She combines all her passions in her teachings with the intention to inspire others on their spiritual journey.

The concept of this Wild yoga class is that the closer to Nature we are, the healthier we are. It’s a reminder of our wild nature and how important it is for our bodies, minds and souls to be in tune with the elements, the seasons and the stars. In this class we are not moving in lines but rather we will explore different geometrical patterns find in nature like arcs, spirals, waves or circles.




Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is an ancient practice that combines TANTRA & YOGA. It’s a guided passive meditation technique that creates a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It helps with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression and is increasingly being used to enhance the quality of sleep as a therapy tool. Yoga nidra is a practice that everyone, from children to seniors, can do. It's easy to follow at any age. All that your body needs to do is lie down on the floor. And even if you can't lie down on the floor, you can still do this practice seated.

Prabhat holds an engineering and masters degree, has worked for big and small tech companies, founder of startups, an avid explorer and a nature lover. He was born in India in 1984 and has lived in Taiwan since 2012, a place which he loves and now calls home. He is now a Senior yoga teacher (500 RYT) at Hub of Yoga, currently living in Taiwan and teaches online and in person.



Ocean of Sound: Niguma Yoga & Kirtan

Karina will share the ancient tools taught by Lady Niguma, a female yogi who lived 1000 years ago in India. We will work to open six different chakras using the tools of Asana and Bija Mantras. When chakras are opened, prana can flow in the central channel allowing us to feel calmer, happier, more creative, and most importantly, closer to who we really are.

Karina loves the yogic way of life and her dream is to empower people through yoga. She will share ancient tools taught by Lady Niguma, a female yogi who lived 1000 years ago in India. Lady Niguma believes that yoga’s purpose is to change the inner body of channels and chakras.




Alignment yoga: Create body space

This is a fundamental class where everything comes from, building up strength from our feet and core in order to have good control of the pelvis, which is essential for creating space for lower back; Training upper back strength and shoulder mobility, to have a good overall spinal extension. Hopefully this class will offer a new perspective to your body and practices.

Seeing herself as a conflicting person, Peiyu realizes through her practice that, despite all the doubts and challenges, if you’re going the right way, things will eventually come together. This realization also grants her strong power of self healing. Doubts and challenges never stop, but she’s ready to accept and experience them fully with everything and every person she encounters.




Yin Yang Yoga: Make a deep connection

In this interactive session, we come together and connect to ourselves, Mother Earth, and to each other. We begin with pranayama and then flow into a group yang yoga and finish with therapeutic partner yin yoga.

Malabika is an integrative social worker and yoga instructor. She combines yoga, mindfulness practices and spirituality with strengths-based and trauma-informed psychosocial work. Her aim is to help others develop self care tools, and increase self awareness and body-mind-spirit connection. She teaches in universities, schools, community spaces and online.




Deep Stretching: Breathing into softness

In various sports, softness is the most basic exercise, using breathing to bring in stretching, enlivening each joint, and then reaching the depth of stretching; Through step-by-step guidance, slowly reaching the goal.

Graduated from Acrobatic - National Taiwan University of performing arts, Ah Di is now a circus performer with three years experience in softness teaching. She teaches new methods of stretching that focus on softer and more gentle methods of deep stretching that help cultivate holistic wellness.




Breathwork: Align your intuition

Breathing has a potent healing power to bring the body into the state of homeostasis that induces optimal functioning, not only of the body systems, but also emotional and spiritual levels. In this session, through various breathing techniques, we will cleanse the body channels, as well as subtle layers and connect with our deeper selves. You will finish the practice refreshed, nourished, and in sync with your intuition to be guided to live your most aligned life.

Izabella is a passionate practitioner of healing modalities that lead to deeper understanding and development of Self. She is certified yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher and loves to explore new approaches and techniques to help others find and keep balance in every aspect of life.




Eye Yoga: Take a glimpse

By practicing warm-up skills (neck stretches, squeezing, head massage), strengthening skills (ball toss, ball bounce, clock tracing), and relaxation skills (palming, steam bath, cold press), you’ll be able to recalibrate your vision system, release eye strain, and see better. Open your mind, take off your glasses, and practice with me.

Ex-NASA Engineer / Digital Nomad / Montessori Teacher / TEDx Speaker / Tea-Lover / Yoga Teacher. I love crafting magical moments that help you fall in love with your practice. Eye Yoga improved my vision from -3.25 to -0.5 in 3 months. Let’s see what we can improve in 1 practice. Come together, take off your glasses, and practice with me.




Intro to Buddhism, Meditation, and Sanskrit Chanting

If you’ve ever wondered about the big questions like “who am I really?” and “why all this confusion?” You’re not alone. An Indian prince asked himself these same things 2,500 years ago—he eventually experienced a profound awakening, and he became known as the Buddha. The methods he taught on how to empower and liberate oneself from suffering are just as relevant now as always. In this class, we’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy and meditation framed with melodic Sanskrit chanting.

Harry Einhorn is a multi-disciplinary artist and lifelong student of Tibetan Buddhism who has been practicing and studying and practicing for seventeen years. He has coordinated and taught at retreats in America, France, Brazil, India, and Taiwan, and is sponsored by Khyentse Foundation for his studies in Buddhist Philosophy. He primarily practices within the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, and lectures in the Department of Buddhism at Hua Fan University in Taiwan. He also has several years of Indian classical vocal music training, and recently returned from Bhutan where he was acting in an independent film.



Kali Durga Goddess Dance

It is a holistic practice based on traditional tantra brought from India. With permission of the practice author and spiritual teacher Prajna Shetty I'm sharing it with the audience in the festival. We will meet the symbols of mythological goddesses. In fact, she is the same goddess, only her aspects and energies change, so the names and appearance are different. The goddess with her different faces, reflects our ever-changing aspects of being, emotions and states of mind.

traveler, spiritual retreats organiser, women's circles facilitator and certified RYT-600 yoga teacher who lived in Himalayas for two years, there she has discovered the yogic and tantric way of living from the local masters. Now she lives in Taiwan, here she is sharing practices that helps to connect with the inner universe.




Embodied Dance: Conscious movement

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious dance session led primarily by music (and some simple guidelines for the shared space). No dance experience needed--we will dance, stretch, and respond to the music as it moves us!

Jasmine is a yoga teacher based in Taipei. While her studio classes lean toward the yin side of things, she loves nothing more than a free-flowing dance session to come back to the heart!


Gift W.


The Heart of Yoga: Enjoy your life

Are you wanting to feel better about who you are? Then welcome to the Heart Of Yoga. Using our breath, our bodies, and the sounds of mantra, we will reconnect to ourselves, FEEL whats there, and learn to embrace and appreciate it.

Gift is a Yoga teacher, web designer, communications and relationship guide, and the founder of Oceansound. He is interested in helping people feel good about themselves and their own lives.




Peaceful Mind & Body:

Through years of experience as a student with Hatha and Vinyasa practices, Julia has found her focus on teaching breath-based Hatha yoga to support her students in their inward journey to find peace in both body & mind. As a life long learner, Julia is enjoying the growth she’s experiencing through yoga, and is passionate about sharing the power of practice with others.




AcroYoga: Dreams come true!

Driven by the pure fun of acroyoga, the vast options to train communication skills and trust muscles, Tonda has been exploring and teaching acroyoga for almost a decade now. The result? Easy ways into the practice and ways to actually make your dreams come true. In an environment characterized by fun, safety and trust. Come fly with me.

Tonda received his training from Jason Nemer, founder of Acroyoga, and numerous teachers all over the world. After 10 nomadic years of teaching Acro and freelancing mainly in Europe and Asia, Tonda has found a home in Koh Pangan, Thailand, and will be happily welcoming anyone of you who like to come for a visit!




Mindfulness Meditation: Enjoy peace

A brief introduction to meditation in a simple and straightforward way. Focus on the breath, slow your mental chatter, enjoy moments of peace and ease.

Ted has has been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years and teaching for 8. A committed Ashtanga practitioner, Ted loves how yoga makes him feel good and hopes that sharing yoga with others, they too can experience the joy of movement in a welcoming and inclusive environment.




Yin Yoga: Tune into you

Session infused with the sweet balance of physical practice and spiritual up-lifting. Irina will guide you through the progress of yin yoga leading each movement with the breath.

Irina draws her inspiration from Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. She is a long term practitioner and a dedicated student. Irina believes that yoga is a transformative experience, helps us to transcend emotional experience through the physical practice, leading us to the union of the body and soul.




Chakra Yoga: Release Emotional Blockages

Breathwork, yoga, somatic awareness exercises, chanting, and sound healing.

Shakira is a certified yoga instructor and world traveller. She has been teaching yoga and organizing retreats in Bali, Myanmar, Thailand and since recently also Taiwan. Shakira is passionate about helping people through yoga to find emotional and physical balance by listening to their bodies and trusting their intuition.




Capoeira Flow

This workshop will introduce fundamental movements of the Brazilian art form of Capoeira. The main focus of this workshop is to let participants experience and enjoy the movement flow that is very unique to this artistic and improvisational style of body movement.

Colin is an instructor of the Indo-Malaysian martial art of Pencak Silat, and the Brazilian art form of Capoeira. As a Capoeirista since 1998, Colin found that the two disciplines have great synergy, with the freestyle nature of Capoeira movements enhancing flow and flexibility, to the Silat martial art discipline that in itself is improvisational at its core. Dedicated to personal fitness that is a natural lifestyle choice, rather than a regime, Colin has incorporated Progressive Calisthenics with elements of Capoeira and Silat that is fun and accessible to both the absolute movement beginner, as much as it enhances flow in movement; to already experienced practitioners of other movement disciplines. Colin is the founder of TriKal Movement Culture.



Kundalini Breathing:

Breathing is life. Kundalini breathing has shown to enhance brain function and concentration through it’s quick and powerful exhales.

While growing up in India Girija was surrounded by the practice of yoga, but it was during her serious illness and subsequent recovery did she completely embrace power of yoga - moreover the power of breathing. In her journey she learned to incorporate intentional breathing techniques to prioritize health. She now helps guides students through the challenges of their own journey.



Sensory Movement: Open your sensitivity

How does closing our eyes impact our movement? And how we interact with others? During this class, we will explore how limiting our vision can open up sensitivity to our bodies and dance with others. Please bring a shirt or scarf which you can use as a blindfold.

Rosalyn co-founded Beijing Contact Improvisation in 2013. She is informed by Mindfulness, movement improvisation, Somatics, and Body Mind Centering. She enjoys playing with sense-based awareness.



Sound Healing: Relax & vibrate

Breathwork, mindfulness, sound healing with various frequencies and vibrations to relax your body and mind .

Ashley is a certified yoga instructor and advanced sound healing practitioner. She is completely dedicated to sound healing and good at bringing stillness in her sessions. She enjoys giving sound healing in nature and often makes appearances in outdoor music festivals.




Eye Gazing: Connect Deeply with Others

Eye Gazing is a Moving Meditation Of Soul Connection - Through 2 minute gazes into another being past the facade of our external selves, remember the oneness and brilliance of who you are

Neo is fascinated by consciousness and how the universal forces flow and interact with the physical. Neo is certified in various modalities of mastering consciousness as part of the fun exploration of living to our highest possibilities in style.



Za Dei

Inner Dao Qi Gong and Meditation

Imago has been training in the internal arts for 33 years with shamaniic healers, and Daoist masters. He is a Structural Integrative and Somatic Therapist, idegenious healer and personal empowerment guide helping people awaken and unveil their Divine True Identity. He teaches the arts of Nei Dan Internal alchemy, Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Taiji, Dao Yin, Breathwork, Chanting, Mudras, Daoist Meditation Practices and Shamanic alchemy and ritual.

The class is based on the Daoist alchemical internal arts of the immortals. It will create internal energy and realign the Mind, Heart, Body, Breath and Spirit to their true nature to reconnect to the cosmos. At its core it is Spirit retrieval and to unveil one True Identity. There are unique spiral body movements, breath, mudras and chanting.


Healing Huts

Services & Workshops

Once again Oceansound will feature our Healing Huts, where guests are invited to experience diverse healing services and workshops!

Come experience body mind spirit healing and bliss at Oceansound’s Wellness Healing Huts!  Come explore 5 minute complimentary wellness “tasters” or 10, 20, 30 minute or longer sessions at accessible rates. The healing huts are served by a variety of practitioners, healers and lightworkers spanning diverse backgrounds, practices, and philosophies. With heartfelt presence, they offer multiple wellness and healing modalities. You may have “heard of” some practices before, now come and experience them. The OS Wellness Healing Huts are a wonderful complement to all the amazing yoga sessions you will experience. Please join us to deepen the healing vibes ☺ "
Malabika Das - Healing Huts Organiser

Cen Cen

Holistic Healing Massage

I help people gain freedom from pain, soreness, and muscle adhesion. My techniques are focused on relaxing and harmonizing the whole body with stimulation of corresponding internal organ points for blood circulation and optimal health. This includes full body healing massage, pain relief and internal energy massage.


Shamanic Healing Meditation Journey

Leonie will be offering a guided shamanic journey, leading you through different landscapes around the world. Through the experience of medicine songs and instruments, you will get the chance to relax deeply, release pent-up energy, balance your energy, and fill your spirit with healing love.



Pendulum Healing

I use pendulum as a tool to help transform our body, mind and soul from lower to higher states of health and well-being. Pendulum healing opens the connection and brings the answer forward to our conscious mind. It connects to our higher self and taps into subconscious mind.


Body Mind Spirit Bliss

I offer my loving presence through Zen Thai Shiatsu, an energetic bodywork based on the meridians and five elements system. Through nurturing, intuitive touch and movement, we explore the interconnected layers of body, mind and spirit wellbeing.


Light of Touch

This is a meditation journey for the body. I will assist you to listen to the message from your body. You will have a deeper connection with yourself in this present and touching process. Then your body and mind will get a deep relaxation and peace in the end.


Eye Spa / Tea Ceremony

In my Eye Spa offering, you can renew your dry, tired eyes with a private restorative eye yoga session. Led by NASA engineer turned yoga teacher Yoga Charles. 20 min, 1 person. In my Tea Ceremony offering, we will recharge with a relaxing tea ceremony from international award-winning tea artist Yoga Charles. Chat about freedom, growth, truth, beauty. Make new friends and reconnect old friends. 20 min, up to 5 people.


Reiki: Journey Into Yourself

Reiki, the universal energy, can act directly on un-seen energy channels and chakras in the body for wellness. Reiki can improve emotional stability, restore balance to the body and mind and bring wellness. We start with simple breathing exercise to calm the mind and then go deeper into your inner self and gain insight to see inner potential and a life of meaning. 


Chakra Balancing Massage

I offer a relaxing chakra balancing aromatherapy oil massage with crystals to help overall health by realigning the energy sources, called chakras, throughout the body. The perfect combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques while using essential oils and crystals that specifically coincide with each chakra, plus energy work to balance the entire chakra system and enhancing the mind, body, and spirit. The focus can be on a specific chakra, several, or the whole system based on what you would like to address. 


Reiki Energy Healing

Genevieve has worked in Energy Healing for the past nine years as a Level 3 Usui Reiki Master. Reiki is a healing modality that focuses on cleansing and healing the subtle energy fields. This is a gentle approach to supporting you in releasing past trauma, letting go of things that are no longer serving you, connecting with your higher self, and gaining clarity and confidence in your personal power.


The Way of Monochord: Soundwave Frequency Healing 

Experience the complex sound of this archaic instrument built by Phytagoras 2500 yrs ago. The monochord is a multi stringed instrument tuned to the same fundamental frequency, when all strings are set in motion at the same time it produces a pleasant rippling sound full of overtones. The long lingering vibrations allow for a unique experience, it brings you into the present in which you exist, a connection with Self and the Universe. The music you hear and feel is a direct translation of your state of being. The body, mind and soul begins to resonate with the harmonic sounds of the monochord and healing begins to take place.


Goddess Card Reading

We are all of the feminine divine Mother. The Goddess is in us all. We simply need to recognize her within. Explore a Goddess Card Reading with Joanna. Meet the Goddesses who want to communicate directly with you and accompany you along. Invoke their wisdom and empathy whilst awakening your intuition. Hear her special messages just for you.


Cacao Ceremony

Cacao has been used in the Mayan tradition for centuries as a sacred healing plant. The spirit of cacao is often seen as a kind mother, helping us to gain access to our heart space and helping us to release emotions and access deep feelings of self love and acceptance. It’s also considered as a “super food”, being high in magnesium (which helps with depression). It also helps balancing hormones and is rich in anandamide (also known as the “bliss molecule”), which stimulates a sense of happiness and mental wellness. Through being in ceremonial communion and meditation with this beautiful drink, we are left with an opened heart and general feeling of “all is good in the world”. It also could leave us filled with inspiration and creativity. Come experience the healing love of being held in the gentle, strong arms of Mama cacao! Please register here. Payment is separate for this offering.

Roma Mehta, Shohn Lee and Prabhat

Karma Yoga: The Yoga of Action & Save Soil Initiative

Roma is an artist and a community event creator. She is currently working with other Isha followers to share the message of the Save Soil movement in Taiwan.

Would you like to join a live music cacao ceremony?

This year we will be offering a live music cacao ceremony on Sunday morning ( Nov 20 ) for those who wish to join a very special heart-opening morning at Oceansound. Please add your name here if you're interested to join and would like to know more.

Price to join, includes ceremonial cacao: $1800nt

Awesome! We've add you to our list, and will message you when we have more details!
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Location & Camping

Location & Camping

Oceansound is held at Longmen Campground in Fulong. There are a variety of options that include Cabins, rooms, and tent camping. Longmen features clean bathrooms with hot showers, electricity, and camping rentals such as tents, sleeping bags, mats, blankets and more.

Camping is not included. Please book your stay directly with the campground who will be more than happy to assist you.

If you need help booking camping spots please call Ritachang1022@gmail.com or Whatsapp/LINE 886918754854

Book camping

Getting here

Oceansound's main area is located on the river side near the suspension bridge and the Dragon Canoe Base area. Our area has bathrooms and drinking water.

Festival Area:

Longmen campground is only a 15m walk from the Fulong train station. From the campground entrance, show your digital ticket and find your way to our main area near the river. Save, or take a screenshot of this map.


  • A yoga mat or two
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A water bottle
  • reusable utensils, mugs and bowls
  • A flashlight / headlamp
  • Warm clothes
  • Raincoats
  • Bug spray
  • Toiletries
  • Incense
  • Camping comfort items
  • Camping chairs
  • Tapestries & ground mats
  • A bathing suit

Do NOT bring:

  • Alchohol
  • Drugs
  • Meats
  • Fire

Food & Beverage

What to eat:

Every year we have some of our talented friends join and provide food options for guests. We provide coffee, tea, cookies and other snacks at fair prices.

Earthy Kitchen

We believe that each ingredient is a gift from Mother Nature, and it is important to understand its benefits to our body and incorporate it into our meals.We love exploring ingredients in its purest form and bringing out each ingredient’s specialty through different cooking techniques.

Falafel King

By Saar

Falafel pita sandwiches with Handmade pita bread, fresh vegetables, falafel balls fried on-the-spot and authentic sesame sauce (tahini). (Vegan, contains gluten)

Green Smoothies

By Ted

Fresh Veggies and fruits blended together with only natural loving goodness to help fuel and refresh our yogis with green and smooth energies.

Breakfast Bagel


Breakfast only
A simple bagel cut in half with some egg and or cheese, or peanut butter. Probably not toasted. There will be limited quantity.



Big muffins for breakfast, lunch or anytime of the day. We should have a variety available in limited quantities.

Coffee & Tea


We'll have fresh brewed coffee selections and tea available all day!

What to listen to:

Every year we have some of our talented friends join and provide food options for guests. We provide coffee, tea, cookies and other snacks at fair prices.

Earthy Kitchen

We believe that each ingredient is a gift from Mother Nature, and it is important to understand its benefits to our body and incorporate it into our meals.We love exploring ingredients in its purest form and bringing out each ingredient’s specialty through different cooking techniques.

Falafel King

By Saar

Falafel pita sandwiches with Handmade pita bread, fresh vegetables, falafel balls fried on-the-spot and authentic sesame sauce (tahini). (Vegan, contains gluten)

Green Smoothies

By Ted

Fresh Veggies and fruits blended together with only natural loving goodness to help fuel and refresh our yogis with green and smooth energies.

Breakfast Bagel


Breakfast only
A simple bagel cut in half with some egg and or cheese, or peanut butter. Probably not toasted. There will be limited quantity.



Big muffins for breakfast, lunch or anytime of the day. We should have a variety available in limited quantities.

Coffee & Tea


We'll have fresh brewed coffee selections and tea available all day!

Oceansound Yoga Festival 2022