So you met someone new, and you’re interested – maybe more than you wanna admit. You’d like to get to know them more, but you also don’t want to waste your time...

..Neither do we. 

Use this 4-part formula to know if this person has the intimate potential to be in your life.


We’re running this virtual workshop twice so you can choose which day is best for you (or you can attend both!)

Option 1: Saturday, Oct 15 | 10:00am (GMT+8)
Option 2: Saturday, Oct 22 | 10:00am (GMT +8)

Can’t make it to the live workshop?

Life-time replay access is included in your ticket.

recognize the difference between a potential lover or better as a friend

know how to prep yourself for getting the most out of meet-ups and dates

💚 take the guesswork out of second or third date follow ups

learn to assess your own potential for being a quality partner

💛 understand what’s needed for longevity in relationships

Together, we'll learn to understand what makes us feel loved by another, and how we can give love in return.

We'll help you get clear on what you want out of life through building a strong intimate connection with yourself first - the most important connection you’ll ever make.

Through our practice together, you will unfold the intimate possibilities available to you in this life.Our hope is that you will enjoy deep connections and what it means to be truly free.

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